Monday, July 08, 2013

 babystylefile baby style file 
it's not often you get beautifully screen printed toys suitable for babies that are lovingly made in the uk and ever so reasonably priced. the tails and legs are easy for little hands to grasp and each toy makes a different baby-pleasing sound. lovely. 

    solitaire shop baby rattle mouse cat bird babystylefile baby style file 

1/ flossie bird with rattle, £12.50, solitaire 
2/ maude cat with bell, £12.50, solitaire
3/ miles mouse with squeaker, £12.50, solitaire
never before has a face been put on a plate and looked this darned good...just in case you needed an added incentive to clear your plate.
    sketch inc black blue face plate kids plates tableware for children babystylefile baby style file 
1/ face plate beau, £20, the kid who
2/ face plate ivory, £20, the kid who
should you fancy introducing a little bit of humour into your child's room without being too obvious then you can't go too wrong with a springy jet propelled rabbit (those ears say so much)...
    ham made flying rabbit screenprint artwork print picture poster babystylefile baby style file   
flying rabbit screen print, £28, ham
if you feel like your walls could do with a bit of added excitement but can't really face the reality of redecorating how about a little pick me up? these little flourishes are a great (and easily removable) way of perking up the dullest of spaces...  

  wall stickers decals artwork decoration ideas for kids rooms nurseries pinwheel wreath garland land of nod molly meg mimi lou babystylefile baby style file   

1/ mimi'lou just a touch diamond wall stickers, £10.95 for a set of 32, molly-meg 
2/ mimi'lou just a touch circles wall stickers, £10.95 for a set of 80, molly-meg
3/ pinwheel garland, $12.95, the land of nod
if you're looking for a subtle yet playful rucksack for your little one with brightness built in (so that they're extra easy to spot in a crowd) you can't really go wrong with a lego brick bag. tis a design classic after all...
    children's lego backpack rucksack bag yellow brick alex and alexa babystylefile baby style file 
lego rucksack, £20, alex and alexa
i think that it's fair to say that anything giant sized and crafted from crochet is immediately pleasing. these giant apple and pear pouffes get extra points for their colourless subtlety (which isn't always easy to find when searching for oversized fruit shaped seating)... 

    giant apple pear crocheted pouffe beanbag kids decor anne claire petit rowen and wren babystylefile baby style file   
james' giant apple and pear pouffes, £244 each, rowen and wren

ok, prepare yourself because this is a seriously clever bit of design, executed in a beautifully understated way...this plywood and wool cot not only converts into a junior sized bed (the plywood bit with the bars on detaches to leave the felt covered bed base) but once your child grows too big for the bed, the base flips over to become an ottoman. so simple, so clever, so beautiful. love it. 

    cot bed cotbed junior bed ottoman grey felt plywood perludi babystylefile baby style file 

otto in the moon mobile cot, junior bed and ottoman, $950, perludi
if you can't quite face living with a frilly pink dolls house in your living space how about an subtle architectural statement? this super stylish dolls house is perfect for mini furniture arranging, plus it's currently on sale so it's a bit of a bargain to boot...   
  playsam white dollshouse dolls house babystylefile baby style file   

dollshouse, €36.76, playsam
want to introduce a bit of a space theme into your kids room? want to do it in a super cool fashion? well you can't get much better than a glitter print robot floating through space whilst tethered to a retro looking rocket...(you just might need to use this wallpaper sparingly if you're on a tight budget!)
    astrobots wallpaper for kids rooms black silver robot rocket space stars aimee wilder childrens decorating babystylefile baby style file   
astrobots wallpaper, $150 per roll, aimee wilder
when is a wendy house not a wendy house? when it's a play-cave-rocket-type-thingy of course...this one is nicely non-twee and totally reversible so if you're not in a black felt sort of a mood you can just flip it around and opt for the woody foam look...

    bobles play cave toy childrens babystylefile baby style file   

wild nature cave, €169, bobles